• febi febi
  • Iskandar Budiman IAIN LANGSA
  • Fakhrizal Fakhrizal IAIN LANGSA
  • Munawwarah Munawwarah IAIN LANGSA


The financial instution is delived into, namely bank financial instutions and non-bank financial instutions. One of the non-bank financial instutions is instution in the form of public company (perum). The background of this  research is to know the views and perceptions of the society to the pawnshops of sharia branch of idi rayeuk as well  as  the  factors  that  determine  the  community  to  choose    pawnshops  as  one  source  to  abtain  funds.  The problem in this research is how is the society perception of sharia  pawn system in idi rayeuk and to know what are the  factors that determine  the people prefer anh how sharia pawnshops in running the system and  whether people understand about how the system implemented by pawnshop sharia. In this research descriptive in the form of field  research Descriptive method is a method in examining  the status of  a group of people, an object, a condition, a system  of thought or an event in the present. The  purpose of this descriptive research of sharia pawn system. The results of research  that has been done shows that the community is very supportive of sharia pawnshops,  with  sharia  pawnshops  can  help  the  community    down  in  obtaining  funds  quickly  easil,  greatly assist  the  community  in  its  financial  problems  to  meet  their  needs  but  the  lack  of  socialization  conducted  by pawnshops sharia making people who pawned gold or other goods made ignorance and lack of understanding  of the system  and akad used by sharia pawnshops, this resulted in 100% of respondents experiencing a lack of  understanding of the system, products and contracts implemented by the sharia pawnshops. 


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Aug 8, 2018
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FEBI, febi et al. PERSEPSI MASYARAKAT TERHADAP SISTEM PEGADAIAN SYARIAH (Studi Kasus Di Pegadaian Syariah Idi Rayeuk). Jurnal Ilmiah Mahasiswa FEBI IAIN LANGSA, [S.l.], v. 1, n. 2, p. 1-13, aug. 2018. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 21 apr. 2019.
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