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AJIL: Aceh Journal of Islamic Law is an open access and a peer-reviewed journal, available online and published twice a year (February-Juni and July-December) by the Faculty of Sharia State of Islamic Institution Langsa.  Each edition consists of 20 writings with scientific distribution in the form of Islamic Family Law, Islamic Criminal Law, Sharia Economic Law, and Fiqh Shiasah. Ajil Journal published two manuscripts in different languages, namely Indonesian and English. However, all scientific distribution must not come out of themes about Aceh or comparisons of Aceh with other conditions and zoning.

This journal prioritizes collaborative writing between lecturers and students followed by foreign researchers. This journal also strongly emphasizes aspects of novelty described in draft papers sent to AJIL journal. The writing assessment begins with template adjustments, plagiarism below 25%, and following the reviewer's instructions.

AJIL Journal aims to collect narratives and research on the treasures of Islamic law in Aceh, as well as integrate various writers who are interested in writing collectively about Aceh. It is hoped that the uniqueness of Islamic law in Aceh that is essential can be unearthed and made massively known.

The scope of scholarly articles published in this journal does not come out of the problem of Islamic law in Aceh, the comparison of Islamic law in Aceh, or the thought of Acehnese Islamic law

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Editor In Chief

Budi Juliandi  
Institut Agama Islam Negeri Langsa, Indonesia
Academic profile : (Scopus Id: ), (Sinta Id: 6649551), (Google Scholar)
Expertise: Family Law, Gender, Islamic Jurisprudence

Associate Editor

Adelina Nasution
Institut Agama Islam Negeri Langsa, Indonesia
Expertise: Islamic Family Law

Early Ridho Kismawadi
Institut Agama Islam Negeri Langsa, Indonesia
Expertise: Islamic Economic, Islamic Finance, Islamic Banking


This journal charges the following author fees.

Article Submission Fee : 000.000  (IDR)

Article Editing Fee         : 000.000  (IDR)

Article Publication Fee  : 350.000  (IDR)


Vol 1 No 1 (2024): AJIL: Aceh Journal of Islamic Law

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