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Jurnal Anifa: Studi Gender dan Anak (P-ISSN: 2745-7648, E-ISSN: 2745-763X) is a journal that is published by  Pusat Studi Gender dan Anak Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat (LP2M), State Institute of Islamic Studies (IAIN) Langsa Aceh, Indonesia, in collaboration with Community Rehabilitation and Research Center (CRRC). It covers both library and fieldwork studies. The editors welcome contributions in the form of articles to be published after undergoing a manuscript selection mechanism, peer-review, and editing process.

Jurnal Anifa: Studi Gender dan Anak is a peer-reviewed journal that aims to encourage and promote the study of the Gender and children is designed to facilitate and take the scientific work of researchers, lecturers, students, practitioners into dialogue. The journal contents discuss various matters related to Gender and Education, Gender Relations and Public Discourse and Religion, Islam, Feminism, and Gender, The Children and Domestic Violence, the Children and Education, The Children's Rights, and the Study on Disabilities (Special Needs). This journal warmly welcomes any contributions from scholars of the related disciplines.

Jurnal Anifa: Studi Gender dan Anak has become a CrossRef Member since 2021. Therefore, all articles published by this journal will have a unique DOI number and be published twice a year (May and November), consistently placing the Gender and children in academic inquiry's central focus and inviting any discussions as the aim and scopes.

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Vol 4 No 2 (2023): November 2023

Published: Nov 30, 2023

The relevance of feminism in promoting gender reform in the context of progressive Islam

1 - 15 Suud Sarim Karimullah, Aat Ruchiat Nugraha, Ihda Shofiyatun Nisa’, Yokke Andini
Read Statistic: 284

Dismantling the patriarchal culture and optimizing gender equality in marriage law

16 - 29 Zulham Wahyudani, Ni Nyoman Adi Astiti, Jefry Tarantang
Read Statistic: 126

The role of actors in implementing policies for the protection of child victims of sexual violence in Aceh

30-49 Saiful Kamal, Fauzi
Read Statistic: 125

Living values education program in early childhood

50 - 60 Veryawan Veryawan, Arie Dwi Ningsih, Ade Tursina, Saptiani Saptiani, Raisah Armayanti Nasution
Read Statistic: 75

Fathers’ parenting in women’s workforce family

61 - 71 Galih Fajar Fadillah, Anni Nurul Hidayati, Ahmad Nafi
Read Statistic: 62
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