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The quality of a madrasa leader is the key to the success of education in this educational institution. leadership style encompasses how a person acts in an organizational context Good leadership is always associated with school success. There is a significant correlation between school performance and the effectiveness of a leader. This study aims to determine Islamic leadership in terms of theological perspective. The research method in this article is library research research using qualitative-interpretative data presentation. The research results of this journal are the Teacher as a leader in Islamic education with various terms that have moral, professional, and spiritual implications.


Education Islamic Leadership Theological

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Nuril Ahmad Fauzi, W., Noviansah, A., Mizaniya, M., Andrean, S., & Sufyan Ats-Tsauri, M. (2020). Kepemimpinan Kepala Madrasah dalam Lembaga Pendidikan Islam. Al - Azkiya : Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan MI/SD, 5(2), 61-72.