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ISSN: 2540-8100 (online) |2502-1397 (print)
DOI Prefix: 10.32505/j-ebis
Editor in Chief: Mastura, M.E.I.
Managing Editor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdul Hamid, M.A.
Accreditation: SINTA 4 |158/E/KPT/2021

Publisher: Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Islam, IAIN Langsa
Frequency: Twice a year (April and October)
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J-EBIS (Journal of Islamic Economics and Business) is published by the Faculty of Islamic Economics and Business, IAIN Langsa, which aims to disseminate research results as well as the ideas of academics and practitioners. Topics covered include human resource management, operational management, strategic management, international business, small and medium scale businesses, entrepreneurship, and other themes related to Islamic financial management. J-EBIS has been published since 2017 with a publishing period of twice a year, namely April and October.

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Vol 8, No 2 (2023)

Published: Oct 23, 2023

Pengaruh Kemudahan, Ketersediaan Fitur Dan Manfaat Terhadap Kepuasan Nasabah Pengguna Bsi Mobile Di Kecamatan Ilir Barat Kota Palembang

267-284 Muhammad Zulkarnain, Aurantia Marina, Nur Jumriatunnisah, Nurul Ilma Hasana Kunio
Read Statistic: 259

Determinants Transact Using Bi Fast Transfer Service On Bsi Mobile

285-304 Rahmat Husein Lubis, Hasniati
Read Statistic: 56

Uncovering Local Cultural Values Behind Income Accounting Practices By Ilabulo Sellers: Islamic Ethnomethodology Study

305-326 Mohamad Anwar Thalib, Adelia Malik, Cindriyati Ibrahim, Maryam S. Ahaya
Read Statistic: 36

Analisis Willingness To Pay (WTP) Pengunjung Wisata Hutan Mangrove Kuala Langsa

327-344 Zulfa Eliza Ziauddin, Falya Nur raiya
Read Statistic: 64

Productive And Consumptive Zakat Among The Mustahik-Owned Super-Micro Businesses During The Covid-19 Pandemic Period: A Qualitative Approach

345-368 T. Saipul Hadi T, Bintang Aulia Lutfi, Mohamad Rifqi Fathoni
Read Statistic: 56

The Influence of Knowledge, Perceptions, and Preferences on Customer Behavior Through Religious as An Intervening Variable

367-392 Alfian, Amiruddin Yahya, Lisa Marzelia
Read Statistic: 50

Analysis of Financial Planning and The Factors that Influence It: Student Case Study

393-412 Akla Rizka Alamsyah, Zikriatul Ulya, Khairatun Hisan
Read Statistic: 67

Analysis Of The Coastal Economic Potential With Based On The Blue Economy Concept In Realizing Village SDGs

413-430 mutiara shifa, M. Nasir, Dian Ariani, Noval Suhendra
Read Statistic: 67

The Influence Attitudes, Subjective Norms And Perceptions Behavioral Control Of Depok Community Interest In Sharia Card Ownership

431-446 lutfiah fajrianti
Read Statistic: 46
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