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ISSN: 2540-8100 (online) |2502-1397 (print)
DOI Prefix: 10.32505/j-ebis
Editor in Chief: Mastura, M.E.I.
Managing Editor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdul Hamid, M.A.
Accreditation: SINTA 4 |158/E/KPT/2021

Publisher: Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Islam, IAIN Langsa
Frequency: Twice a year (April and October)
Indexing:  DOAJ, index copernicus, etc,

J-EBIS (Journal of Islamic Economics and Business) is published by the Faculty of Islamic Economics and Business, IAIN Langsa, which aims to disseminate research results as well as the ideas of academics and practitioners. Topics covered include human resource management, operational management, strategic management, international business, small and medium scale businesses, entrepreneurship, and other themes related to Islamic financial management. J-EBIS has been published since 2017 with a publishing period of twice a year, namely April and October.

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  copernicus   scholar
moraref  lipi

Vol 7, No 2 (2022)

Published: Oct 31, 2022

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