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This study aims to determine the Effect of Macroeconomics on Third-Party Funding (TPF) with the Equivalent Rate (ER) as the Intervening Variable (Case Study of Islamic Commercial Banks Period 2016-2020). This type of research is quantitative research which utilizes secondary data in the form of time-series data. Purposive sampling was used as the sampling method. The data that has been obtained later processed using the E-views version 9 application tool. Based on the results, it is shown that the Inflation, BI Rate, and Equivalent Rate
variables partially have a negative effect on TPF, while the Exchange Rate has a positive effect on TPF. Moreover, the variables of Inflation, Exchange Rate, and BI Rate have a positive and significant effect on the Equivalent Rate (ER). It is also found thatThe Equivalent Rate variable cannot mediate the effect of Inflation, Exchange Rate, and BI Rate on TPF.


Inflation Exchange Rate BI Rate Third Party Funds Equivalent Rate

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Salma, S. F., & Nena, Y. N. A. (2021). Analisis pengaruh makroekonomi terhadap dana pihak ketiga (DPK) dengan equivalent rate (ER) sebagai variabel intervening. J-EBIS (Jurnal Ekonomi Dan Bisnis Islam), 6(2), 100-123.