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JL3T (Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Language Teaching) is a biannually journal that publishes original papers researching in the area of applied linguistics, literatures and language teaching in June and December. It is published by UPT Pengembangan Bahasa, IAIN Langsa.
The aim of this Journal is to promote a principled approach to research on language and language-related concerns by encouraging enquiry into relationship between theoretical and practical studies. The journal welcomes contributions in such areas of current analysis in: first, second, and foreign language teaching and learning; language in education; language planning, language testing; curriculum design and development; multilingualism and multilingual education; syntax; semantics; Sociolinguistics; morphology; psycholinguistics; pragmatics; Phonology; discourse analysis; translation; clinical linguistics; and literature and teaching that focuses on English, Arabic, and Bahasa Indonesia.

P ISSN 2477-5444 | E ISSN 2580-2348

All published articles of this journal are included in the indexing and abstracting coverage of:

Vol 7 No 2 (2021): JL3T Vol. VII No. 2 2021

Published: Dec 31, 2021

Rhetorical Analysis of Joe Biden’s Inauguration Address

73-82 Neni Nurkhamidah, Raihana Ziani Fahira, Ayu Ratna Ningtyas
Read Statistic: 417

Phonological Processes in Ekegusii Borrowing: A Constraint-based Approach

83-100 Edinah Mose
Read Statistic: 58

A Case Study of Students’ Barriers in Passive Voice Sententes

101-109 Zahratul Idami, Diah Ayu Pratiwi Pratiwi
Read Statistic: 69

The Snakes and Ladder on Speaking Ability in Children 5-6 Years

110-115 Ni Nyoman Ari Ratnadi, Kadek Devy Marleni, Kadek Dwi Arlinayanti
Read Statistic: 43

Sana’a and Women in Al-Maqalih’s Book of Sana’a Yemen

116-133 Muhammed Jubran AL-Mamri
Read Statistic: 78

Idiomatic Expressions in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

134-151 Mutiara Amalia, Evert H. Hilman, Evi Jovita Putri
Read Statistic: 201
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