• Nurul Fadjrii
Keywords: boutique, marketing mix, business


Aceh, as the province that became the pioneer of the implementation of Islamic Sharia in
Indonesia. The need for Muslim dress or muslimah is an absolutely necessary thing. The need
for Muslim clothing for the community encourages entrepreneurs to sell their best products
are no exception with boutique entrepreneurs, especially in the city directly. Universally,
goods sold in boutiques are very rare or even never found in ordinary stores. All that can not
be separated because the boutique has a philosophy on the clothing items are exclusive, elite,
fashionable and sophisticated fashion and complete with accessories. As for the problems in
this study are (1) how the business boutique Muslim Langsa City. (2) how is the
implementation of marketing mix in the effort of progress of Muslim clothing boutique in
Langsa City ?. Based on these problems, this study aims to determine the implementation of
marketing mix in the effort of Muslim clothing business boutique in Langsa City. The
research method that the writer use in this research are: qualitative descriptive ie presentation
of research result through description of observation result, interview and documentation to
see the implementation of marketing mix in effort of progress of boutique clothing fashion
Muslim in Langsa City. Based on the results of research that: Muslim Boutique in Langsa
City specialize marketing its products in some market segment especially for society which is
Moslem, which 70% target is teenagers, the rest is public. In the implementation of marketing
mix in the effort of progress of Muslim fashion boutique in Langsa City apply four elements,
that is: products at Muslim Boutique in Langsa City focus on quality according to customer
requirement that put forward kesyar'iannya. The pricing strategy determined by the Muslim
Boutique in Langsa City is adjusted to total raw materials, production materials, all
manufacturing costs are totaled and profitability of each product is taken at 40%. In the
distribution strategy set the business near the city center, universities, companies, and
government buildings city of Langsa City is not far from the crowd. Boutique Muslimah in
Langsa City in the selection of promotion strategies Muslim Boutique in Langsa City has
made various promotions including, personal selling, advertising, sale promotion and


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