At-Tarbawi : Jurnal Pendidikan, Sosial, dan Kebudayaan publishes high quality and innovative research at the frontier of all sciences with an emphasis on interdisciplinary research, especially the manuscript that lie at the interface of social sciences, which includes:

  1. Education (Curriculums, Teaching, and Learning, Education, Educational Technology, Psychology and Counseling, Educational Sociology, Educational Managements, Basic Education, Secondary Education, and Higher Education, Special Education, Educational Research Methods, Innovation in Teaching, Learning, and Assessment of Teacher Training and Education);
  2. Social Science (
  3. Cultural Studies (Cultural Studies as a Constitutive field, Religion Studies, Islamic Studies, Philosophy, Ethics, Consciousness, Cross-cultural studies, History and Historiography, Theology, Spirituality, Human Geography, Anthropology, Local Wisdom, Gender Equality, Linguistic);

Main Objective
The main objective of the At-Tarbawi : Jurnal Pendidikan, Sosial, dan Kebudayaan is to disseminate scientific knowledge and generate debate in an interdisciplinary context, linking the different areas of the social sciences. Thus, it is contributing this will help to the society's development with a rigorous scientific basis, internationally proved. Moreover, to offer a multidisciplinary forum to scholars and experts from different fields and to bridge the gap between them, within and across all aspects of sciences.