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Crystalization of statement “Al-Qur’an will be protected all the time” has been totally convinced and created by any form. One of them is the tradition of Al-Qur’an writing and printing. Circumstancially, this phenomenon indicated the development of living Qur’an. This paper will discuss about the development of Mushaf Al-Qur’an of Indonesia, from the tradition of hand writing until digital era. Beside it, this paper will also analyze the phenomenon of Mushaf of Al-Qur’an in Indonesia, in the concept of living Qur’an, by reception of hermeneutic, aesthetic and cultural.

This paper concludes; the development of writing and printing Al-Qur’an, includes hand writing and digitalization era, is the tradition has been always preserved by Indonesian people. As a kind of living Qur’an, the Mushaf of Indonesia is a evidence of the achievement of cultural transformation and a good civilization.


Mushaf Al-Qur’an of Indonesia hand writing digitalization living Qur’an

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Lestari, L. (2017). Mushaf Al-Qur’an Nusantara: Perpaduan Islam dan Budaya Lokal. Jurnal At-Tibyan: Jurnal Ilmu Alqur’an Dan Tafsir , 1(1), 173-198.