The framework of the article consists of the above:

Results and discussion,

Research Title

The title should be concise and informative, describing the results of the study and the variables, as well as the relationship between these variables can be seen in the title. The title of the article should be at most 14 words.

The abstract, written in English, contains a brief description of the importance of the research, research objectives, methodology, preliminary results, and conclusions. The abstract includes a summary of the article and contains the main ideas that make the reader interested and interested to read it (eye-catching). Below the abstract paragraph, listed Keywords (keywords) maximum of 5 keywords. Keywords that are explicitly written and that are often used in articles. Keywords will be used for indexation purposes.

This section contains background, research rationale, problem formulation, statement of purpose, and writing organization. The book does not use subheadings.

This section contains the steps of researchers in conducting research, presented in full but dense if data collection should be explained starting from sampling methods to analysis techniques.

Results and discussion
The results section is a scientific article's central section and is usually the most extended section. This section presents the results of the data analysis; reported are the net results. Data analysis processes (such as statistical calculations) do not need to be delivered. The hypothesis testing process does not need to be presented, including comparing the coefficients found in the analysis with the coefficients in the statistical table. Reported are the results of the analysis and hypothesis testing results.

The purpose of the discussion is to (a) answer the research problem or show how the research objectives are achieved, (b) interpret the findings, (c) integrate research findings into an established body of knowledge, and (d) formulate new theories or modify existing theories.

The conclusion summarizes the descriptions presented in the results and discussion section. Based on the reports in both parts, the main points of thought that are the essence of the narrative are developed. Conclusions are presented in essay form, not in numerical form.

All citations and references used by the author should be presented in this section consistently with the writings, figures, or tables cited. The bibliography is written in alphabetical order according to the first letter of the author's name. The authors referred to it in the bibliography provided.