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In the examination of the patient, the doctor would see the nakedness of
the patient to be examined and not only see the nakedness of the patient
but also touch and feel him. Whereas in Islam that same-sex genitalia
there are limits that should be seen and touched, especially the opposite
sex. This study aims to determine the views of Islamic law against
pregnant women who had treatment and gave birth to the male
obstetrician. Which at the fact that pregnant women patients either an
ultrasound or bore little handled by a male doctor. and even most of the
pregnant women are more dominant treatment in gynecologist men
compared with a specialist female, This happens mainly because the
profession obstetrician is dominated by men and also because many
mothers assume that specialists content of more competent men
(because physically stronger males), clever and more objective. It is
certain pregnant women who had treatment and gave birth to the male
obstetrician will reveal his private parts, genitalia fact is something that
we must cover both men and women in order to maintain the honor in
the eyes of the beholder. So close the genitals was advocated by the
religious exception in certain circumstances and conditions which
allowed open genitalia.


Specialist Doctors gave birth in Male

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