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Al-Qadha: Jurnal Hukum Islam dan Perundang-Undangan is an academic scholarly journal published by Jurusan Hukum Keluarga Islam (Islamic Family Law Department), IAIN Langsa since 2017. This journal was published twice a year in June and December. This journal has specifications in the field of Family Law, legislation, jurisprudence, Islamic Civil Law, dispute resolution, law issues, and comparative family law. This journal is expected to contribute to the academics in studying Islamic law especially in the field of family law both from the aspect of Islamic law and civil law that has been applicable in Indonesia. This journal has become a CrossRef Member since the year 2018. Therefore, all articles published by this journal will have unique DOI numbers.

Al-Qadha: Jurnal Hukum Islam dan Perundang-Undangan This journal has been "Accredited" SINTA 4 based on the Decree of the Director-General of Higher Education, Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia in December 2021, and effective until 2023. Al-Qadha: Jurnal Hukum Islam dan Perundang-Undangan, published twice a year (June and December).

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Jan 8, 2023

Al-Qadha: Journal of Islamic Law and Legislation invites scholars and researchers to contribute to the publication of the journal Vol. 10, No.1, June 2023, concerning Islamic Family Law. Please submit your paper through our online system.

The deadline for paper submission is 15 March 2023


Vol 9 No 2 (2022): Al-Qadha: Jurnal Hukum Islam dan Perundang-Undangan

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