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AL-QADHÃ is an academic scholarly journal published by Ahwal Asy Syakhsiyah. This Journal published twice a year in June and December. This journal has specifications in the field of Islamic jurisprudence and legislation and communicates the research of the lecturers related to the field. this journal is expected to contribute to the academics in studying Islamic law especially in the field of family law both from the aspect of Islamic law and civil law that has been applicable in Indonesia


P ISSN 2356-1637 || E ISSN 2581-0103

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Vol 6 No 2 (2019): AL-QADHA : Jurnal Hukum Islam dan Perundang-Undangan

Journal of al-Qadha Vol. 6 No. 2 of 2019 there are five articles that are expected to bring added value to the references that have been available and able to motivate readers to examine the development of Islamic law and legislation critically and analytically, but objectively, academically and selectively. Because lately there have been emerging thoughts on the events of Islamic law which weaken the sharia argument or vice versa too strict in understanding the text.

Published: Nov 26, 2019

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