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Al-Qadha: Jurnal Hukum Islam dan Perundang-Undangan is an academic scholarly journal published by Jurusan Hukum Keluarga Islam (Islamic Family Law Department), IAIN Langsa since 2017. This journal was published twice a year in June and December. This journal has specifications in the field of Family Law. This journal is expected to contribute to the academics in studying Islamic law, especially in the field of family law both from the aspect of Islamic law and civil law that has been applicable in Indonesia. This journal has become a CrossRef Member since the year 2018. Therefore, all articles published by this journal will have unique DOI numbers.

The scope of scholarly articles published in this journal is a broad topic in the field of Islamic and Comparative law in Muslim Societies. Thus, this journal covers legal studies such as Family Law, legislation, jurisprudence, Islamic Civil Law, dispute resolution, comparative family law, and modern/contemporary periods. This journal welcomes contributions from scholars from related disciplines.

Al-Qadha: Jurnal Hukum Islam dan Perundang-Undangan This journal has been "Accredited" SINTA 4 based on the Decree of the Director-General of Higher Education, Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia in December 2021, and effective until 2023. 

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Vol 10 No 1 (2023): Al-Qadha: Jurnal Hukum Islam dan Perundang-Undangan

This issue has been available online since 15th June 2023. All articles in this issue (8 original research articles) were authored or co-authored by 20 authors from 13 affiliations and 4 countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Philippines).

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Published: Jun 6, 2023

Examining Malay Customary Marriage Law in the Malay Countries: An 'Urf Perspective

1-18 Asrizal Saiin, Mohamad Azmi Karuok, Moh. Zaidi Hajazi, Anwar M. Radiamoda
Read Statistic: 171

State, Islam, and Gender : Dynamics of Marital Rape Law in Indonesia

19-33 Pitrotussaadah Pitrotussaadah, Eva Fadhilah
Read Statistic: 146

Iddah for Husbands: A Political Analysis of Islamic Family Law

34-49 Abdul Azis
Read Statistic: 74

Family Law Reform in Morocco

A Case Study on Child Marriage Law

50-64 Zulham Wahyudani, Jefry Tarantang, Nurrohman Nurrohman, Tatang Astarudin
Read Statistic: 158

Marriage and Divorce Practices in the Society of Bandung: Contestation of Islamic and State Law

65-78 Diana Farid, Muhammad Husni Abdulah Pakarti, Iffah Fathiah, Hendriana , Mohamad Hilal Nu'man
Read Statistic: 159

Childfree Marriage in the Perspective of Maqashid Asy-Syari’ah

79-93 Dwi Arini Zubaidah
Read Statistic: 79

Crime in Marriage: The Practice of Polygamy in the Puncak Sorik Merapi Community, Mandailing Natal

94-109 Mustafid mustafid, Risvan Akhir Roswandi
Read Statistic: 326

Islam and Local Wisdom: The Mangalap Tukkot Marriage Tradition in the Angkola Batak Community

110-125 Ihwan Sormin
Read Statistic: 71
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