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Atfaluna: Journal of Islamic Early Childhood Education is a national journal dedicated to interchange the result of high-quality research in all aspects of early childhood education. The journal welcomes all the fundamental theories, experiments, and simulations, application of a systemic proposed method, sufficient review of previous works, expanded discussion, and brief connection.

The journal is published by the Department of Islamic Early Childhood Education of the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training, State Institute for Islamic Studies Langsa. It is twice a year, in June and December. As your commitment to the advancement in early childhood education, the journal invites scholars, lecturers, activists, and all interested terms who love early childhood education issues.


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Vol 6 No 1 (2023): January-June 2023

Published: Jun 30, 2023

Early childhood financial literacy: A systematic literature review

1-11 Muktia Pramitasari, Erie Siti Syarah, Erna Risnawati, Khoiriyah Shofiyah Tanjung
Read Statistic: 74

Play and learning materials in university model preschool: Exploring the availability and utilization

12-22 Wondimagegn Abebe, Yirgalem Alemu Keery
Read Statistic: 49

Development of regional folklore book to improve children’s literacy

23-34 Iis Delviya Octaloca, Asiyah Asiyah, Fatrica Syafri
Read Statistic: 39

Improving children’s characters through sirah Nabawiyah concept

35-49 Rita Mahriza, Ade Tursina, Zahratun Nadhira
Read Statistic: 46

A systematic review of play activities to optimize children's social-emotional development

50-60 Rr. Deni Widjayatri, Iklimatul Hasanah, Denissa Syairahma, Amelia Nugraha, Siti Annidatul Islamiyah, Irens Sadin
Read Statistic: 40

Jarimatika method of daily prayer: Does it affect children’s spiritual intelligence?

61-70 Hijriati Hijriati, Zikra Hayati, Karnisah Karnisah
Read Statistic: 34
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