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Aṭfālunā: Journal of Islamic Early Childhood Education is a national journal dedicated to interchange the result of high-quality research in all aspects of early childhood education. The journal welcomes all the fundamental theories, experiments, and simulations, application of a systemic proposed method, sufficient review of previous works, expanded discussion, and brief connection.

The journal is published by the Department of Islamic Early Childhood Education of the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training, State Institute for Islamic Studies Langsa. It is twice a year, in June and December. As your commitment to the advancement in early childhood education, the journal invites scholars, lecturers, activists, and all interested terms who love early childhood education issues.


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Vol 5 No 1 (2022): January-June 2022

Published: Jun 30, 2022

Young Muslim couples’ experiences when having the first child: A narrative inquiry

1-14 Lara Fridani, Hera Susanti, Hanny Nasution , Sri Andarini
Read Statistic: 128

Child cognitive development based on the maternal education

15-24 Inas Hanifah, Fitri Oviyanti, Muhtarom
Read Statistic: 55

The effect of using make-a-match cooperative learning model on children's early numeracy skills

25-36 Veryawan Veryawan, Anita Yus, Yasaratodo Wau
Read Statistic: 81

Environmental care characters in early childhood: The project method effects

37-46 Meliana Sari, Jhoni Warmansyah, Lutvia Dwi Syaiful, Winda Trimelia Utami
Read Statistic: 77

Implementation of STEAM project-based learning in developing early childhood cooperation

47-56 Rokyal Harjanty, Fithrii Muzdalifah
Read Statistic: 233

How does the ABC lima dasar game improve parent and children communication?

57-64 Noor Baiti, Muhammad Zulkarnaen, Sarimah
Read Statistic: 63
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