Published: Jun 30, 2021

Infusing the concept of aqil baligh for early childhood

1-12 Wahidah Wahidah
Read Statistic: 354

Teachers’ understanding towards concepts and processes of children's literacy

13-20 Elfiadi Elfiadi
Read Statistic: 242

The phonic method for improving students’ speaking ability

21-30 Mawaddah Ulya, Rita Mahriza, Siti Habsari Pratiwi
Read Statistic: 427

Implementation of language development for children in daycare

31-38 Halimatus Sakdiah, Delfi Eliza
Read Statistic: 415

The use of learning media in recognizing children's vocabulary in kindergarten

39-48 Halfiza Etri, Rismareni Pransiska
Read Statistic: 345

Improving early childhood creativity through calligraphy activity from coffee dregs

49-67 Irma wati, Raden Rachmy Diana
Read Statistic: 376