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Atfaluna: Journal of Islamic Early Childhood Education is a national journal dedicated to interchange the result of high-quality research in all aspects of early childhood education. The journal welcomes all the fundamental theories, experiments, and simulations, application of a systemic proposed method, sufficient review of previous works, expanded discussion, and brief connection.

The journal is published by the Department of Islamic Early Childhood Education of the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training, State Institute for Islamic Studies Langsa. It is twice a year, in June and December. As your commitment to the advancement in early childhood education, the journal invites scholars, lecturers, activists, and all interested terms who love early childhood education issues.


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Vol 6 No 2 (2023): July-December 2023

Published: Dec 31, 2023

Paternal involvement: The central role of fathers in managing children’s emotions

1-16 Annisa Purwani, Iis Uswatun Hasanah
Read Statistic: 174

Development of "hand magic" educational media to introduce the concept of numbers for young learners

17-32 Nuraina Nuraina, Dwhy Dinda Sari, Yusra Yusra, Aina Yasmin
Read Statistic: 104

Maternal aggression and child temperament in families with ARFID children in Indonesia

33-51 Yoyok Bekti Prasetyo, Fitri Wahyuni, Nursalam Nursalam, Rachmat Hargono, Ahsan Ahsan, Nur Melliza
Read Statistic: 72

Phases of human development: Comparing Western and Islamic theories and the implication in Islamic education

52-67 Salami Mahmud, Nurul Fajri Ulfah, Syiva Fitria, Fatmawati Fadli
Read Statistic: 165

Exploring the efficacy of game-based learning models in enhancing children's gross motor skills

68-80 Sri Widayati, Melia Dwi Widayanti, Anastasia Wardah Aulia
Read Statistic: 85

Analysis of the implementation of the Merdeka curriculum with Pancasila-profiled learners in early childhood education

81-95 Veryawan Veryawan, Rabitah Hanum Hasibuan, Anisaturrahmi Anisaturrahmi, Rosmiati Rosmiati, Dewi Fitriani, Abdul Hafiz, Rahma Rahma
Read Statistic: 122
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